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Flight Coach Geo Locator (FCGeo or FCG) is an addon that displays a JSON file logged path using Cesium geospatial library and data. Satellite view together with the terrain information is loaded as a background. Flights Origin is used to position the flight at the altitude of the terrain provided by Cesium. The purpose of the tool is to allow the pilots to orientate themselves within the site surroundings, site reference points, review the area and distances flown, etc.

The tool

FCGeo is a simplified and modified version of the FC. Logged flights need to be loaded to the FC first (from BIN, JSON), split into the maneuvers and saved in JSON format. The JSON file can then be opened in FCGeo. F3A templates can be loaded using Template button and placed at a location of the user’s choice.

Once a json file is loaded, the display is positioned above the Origin and pointing at the Origin towards the center line. The user has the option of displaying individual maneuvers or entire flight. Mouse operations allow panning the view and using CTRL button and the mouse activates tilting and rotating the view.

Over time, more features may be added to this addon but it is likely that it will remain a relatively simple. It is unlikely that the geo spatial view will be integrated to our primary FC Plotter.