Recently we have had very fruitful conversations with Andrew Tridgell from the Ardupilot team. In the process we have received a lot of coaching and insides related to how Ardupilot works. All this knowledge transfer has resulted in the new FC Plotter version. In parallel, we have also upgraded the 3rd library versions in all the FC tools. It is therefore a major upgrade from software point of view however for most of the users just interested in viewing the flight log there is no real functional change.

What is new in this Plotter version:

  • New BIN file parser:
    • Ardupilot team developed a javascript parser that has been used in UAV Plotter. This parser has been adopted into the FC
  • Diagnostics:
    • selection of the data source and IMU for position, attitude and velocities has been enabled to assist with problematic logs
    • full list of firmware parameters recorded in the BIN file can be exported to a file
    • FlightCoach critical parameters are checked for values and recommendations displayed
    • display Hardware, Firmware and lost messages information
  • Data sources:
    • enabled support for multiple data sources (POS/ATT/XKF1, XKF1, ATT/POS, POS/XKF1)
    • enabled support for up to two IMUs
    • default data source has changed to POS/ATT/XKF1
  • Origin:
    • Origin value accuracy has been improved. Different method is used analysing GPS messages for horizontal accuracy
  • SW Libraries update:
    • all critical SW libraries has been updated to the latest versions
    • all FlightCoach apps has been updated so the required cache clear needs to be done only once
  • Custom Build:
    • manual to assist in custom Ardupilot firmware build has been created

What is new in this FCGeo version:

  • F3AZone file option:
    • enables loading the area around the pilot position defined in an F3AZone file. The file can be created in FCMap or F3AZone app

All other FlightCoach apps have no functional change but will work now with updated, latest 3rd party libraries. In some cases the colors may slightly vary.

Please report any issues including example BIN files to

To start using the new version a full browser cache reset is recommended. Alternatively, if you wish to keep your cache for other apps, you may want to clear the cache specifically for the FlightCoach. This is usually done in a browser Settings > Privacy and Security > Manage Data or thereabouts depending on the browser.

After cache reset, while online, reload the FlighCoach apps and it will get the latest libraries into the cache for offline use. Occasionally, another Ctrl-Shift-R may be required. Please check that all is working before heading to the field.